Water treatment products & solutions

Rainwater treatment and management in an industrial environment require a comprehensive and specific procedure, suited to the site in question. We rise to this challenge on a daily basis with our extensive expertise in the sector.


Contrairement au Pluvial Urbain, les études et données bibliographiques sont rares quand on parle des eaux de ruissellement de site industriel. Notre démarche consiste donc à réaliser une analyse précise des caractéristiques de l‘effluent par des essais en laboratoire et sur site, un repérage poussé du fonctionnement du réseau, et l’appui de nos différentes réalisations précédentes dans le domaine.
Unlike Urban Rainwater Treatment Systems, studies and bibliographic data regarding industrial site runoff water are scarce. Our procedure involves precisely analysing the effluent’s characteristics by laboratory and on-site testing, thorough investigation into the system’s operation, and the experience gained from previous projects in the sector.


For industrial sites, we support our customers to help them find the best rainwater treatment solution. The design of the treatment facility can result in very rustic solutions, as well as more state-of-the-art treatment units, e.g. physico-chemical units.


Our facilities are tailored to the specific requirements of our industrial customers, namely :

  • Above-ground facilities that contribute to the customer’s eco-responsible initiative
  • Smaller facilities that have lower space requirements
  • Specific coating colour to match the client’s overall visual signature


The follow-up of the treatment facilities depends on the suitable maintenance of the equipment on site. To this end, operators interface with our customer service for daily support, via maintenance contracts and routine inspections.