For over 40 years, Saint Dizier Environnement has been the leader on the French market in the rainwater treatment industry, focusing on two key assets: fostering a customer-oriented strategy while keeping the company to a reasonable size, and placing innovation at the core of its corporate strategy.


To meet the applicable standards and regulations governing water treatment, storage, purification and release back into the environment, Saint Dizier Environnement has developed strict and certified design and manufacturing processes that ensure full control over the quality of the facilities. Saint Dizier Environnement’s products and solutions thus meet the European standards and the NF quality mark for part of its product ranges.


Set up in three strategic geographical areas (Euroregion, Île de France and South), Saint Dizier Environnement’s organisation is based on the proximity between the decisional and business units, a Research & Development department and exclusively French manufacturing workshops. This organisation guarantees flexible solutions for customers and a safe quality management system.

Sales team

Saint Dizier Environnment’s sales teams work close to their customers, both in France and internationally. They work in line with the local restrictions and distinctive features to offer tailored water treatment products and solutions.


Saint Dizier Environnement is part of a network of technical and business partners, but also institutional partners for research work. With this network the company can control its environment and have a good perspective over market and innovation opportunities.

Careers and jobs

To meet the technical and business challenges in its area of business, Saint Dizier Environnement works with qualified and experienced women and men, who embrace a corporate culture based on customer focus, flexibility and the search for technical and marketing innovations.

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