From the onset, innovation has been Saint Dizier Environnement’s key concern. Innovation has become essential to face the challenges of diminishing resources. However, this commitment calls for a joint effort. It is an integral part of an ecosystem that encompasses our clients, to innovate in line with their prospective needs, and the professional networks, research centres, universities and training centres, industrial partners, etc.

Innovative products

In recent years, and with European funds, Saint Dizier Environnement has innovated by developing new technology, associated with the implementation of industrial property. The company was therefore presented with the Nord-Pas de Calais Innovation award.


ROULEPUR programme

Saint Dizier Environnement is a partner of the ROULEPUR research project, following the call for projects launched in 2014 by ONEMA (the French National Agency for Water and Aquatic Environments) on the fight against micropollutants in municipal wastewater.


Drawing on its innovation strategy and its involvement in a number of networks, Saint Dizier Environnement regularly participates in specialist seminars and contributes to a number of technical and scientific publications and articles.

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