For over 10 years, the Design and Development department has been designing and developing tailored solutions that require a high level of technicality and an overall insight into the project. Our engineers provide technical assistance to design offices and clients, industries and local authorities, and guide you throughout your projects.

Hydraulic control

Hydraulic control is often an essential aspect in wastewater treatment projects. In this category, we operate on ready-made Combined Sewer Overflows, combined with other devices such as valves, flow regulators, waste transfer screening systems, etc.

Urban rainwater treatment systems

Our definition of Urban Rainwater Treatment refers to the treatment of rainwater runoff in urban environments, at the heart au cities and urban areas, whether directly at the source or downstream of large catchment areas.

Water treatment products & solutions

Rainwater treatment and management in an industrial environment require a comprehensive and specific procedure, suited to the site in question. We rise to this challenge on a daily basis with our extensive expertise in the sector.


Semi-communal wastewater management is our company’s initial business area, which encompasses a series of treatment stages (screening, settling, aeration, etc.) and hydraulic features (raw water flushing system, floating bucket flushing system, etc.). This category also covers effluents generated by industrial processes, car washing, etc.

Basin and piping cleaning

The latest innovation of our R&D department: the CYMO® system, a French-made next-generation storm water tank and piping cleaning system (read more) that is compatible with rectangular and circular basins alike, and in main sewers with or without a dry weather channel.

Careening water treatment

Careening activities are a major source of pollution in harbours (maritime and inner harbours alike). They produce heavy metals, suspended solids and organic loads, which makes treating such effluents paramount to prevent pollution in harbour sediments and guarantee the good quality of swimming water.

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