Basin and piping cleaning

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The latest innovation of our R&D department: the CYMO® system, a French-made next-generation storm water tank and piping cleaning system (read more) that is compatible with rectangular and circular basins alike, and in main sewers with or without a dry weather channel.


Basin and piping cleaning appraisal requires extensive knowledge of the retention facility. Our wide range of solutions is compatible with all storm water basin (inlet and drainage types, equipment, etc.) or piping setups.


With our 3D CAD software, we find the best solution for the location of our cleaning equipment, namely:

  • Vacuum flushing system
  • Flushing valves
  • Tilting tanks…


Our equipment is made up of inert materials (stainless steel, composite) that is pre-assembled in the workshop to optimise installation time on site. The sub-assemblies can also be tested in our laboratory prior to delivery. This internal procedure guarantees precise checking at each stage and optimises assembly and implementation times.


The efficiency of our cleaning systems is approved via testing performed on operating basins. We also follow up the equipment over time, to guarantee sustainable efficiency.


  • Système de rinçage - Corbeil Essonne

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    Bassin de stockage avec système de rinçage et traitement des eaux pluviales. D1 - Corbeil Essonne (91)
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