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From the onset, innovation has been Saint Dizier Environnement’s key concern. Innovation has become essential to face the challenges of diminishing resources. However, this commitment calls for a joint effort. It is an integral part of an ecosystem that encompasses our clients, to innovate in line with their prospective needs, and the professional networks, research centres, universities and training centres, industrial partners, etc.

A state-of-the-art expert R&D department

The R&D department’s task is to manage the innovation strategy to support and anticipate the technical and statutory changes of the wastewater treatment sector. Our R&D engineers work in conjunction with Saint Dizier Environnment’s support departments for this procedure, which covers short and medium-term actions. The departments in question are the following: legal and standards, production, sales, export, etc. They also focus on the competition, they are also involved with research and development, innovation and professional representation institutional networks.

Active participation in research and development, innovation and professional representation networks

Saint Dizier Environnement also contributes to the following networks:

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    RESEAU environnement, an organisation founded in 1992 that unites and organises the skills of cleantech companies specialised in each environmental field: water, air, noise, waste, soil, environmental management, services, and more.

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    ADOPTA, an organisation for the operational development and promotion of alternative processes for rainwater.

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    CD2E, an organisation that promotes the creation and development of activities in the environmental sector

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    LEESU, Saint Dizier Environnement works in conjunction with the Laboratoire Eau Environnement et Systèmes Urbains on the ROULEPUR project

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    HYDREOS, Saint Dizier Environnement is a member of HYDREOS, the competitive cluster for water market stakeholders in Alsace and Lorraine.

  • Lille 1 University’s Master Traitement des Eaux
  • Polytech’Lille’s Mastère Génie de l’Eau
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