Hydraulic control

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Hydraulic control is often an essential aspect in wastewater treatment projects. In this category, we operate on ready-made Combined Sewer Overflows, combined with other devices such as valves, flow regulators, waste transfer screening systems, etc.


In the field of hydraulic control, our expertise is focused on:

  • The approval of hydraulic profiles downstream and upstream of the facility
  • The integration of functional equipment
  • The precise identification of network types
  • The analysis of failure and loading issues, etc.


Each facility is approved at all levels at the design phase. We also use design notes, feedback, bibliographic references to ensure a functional design from a hydraulic and structural point of view.

Our hydraulic simulation and 3D design tools enable us to plan and develop the best technical solution in relation to the issues.


The facilities are designed by our company, developed in our workshops, and are factory-tested for optimised implementation. All our customers need to do is to install and connect the systems, no further adjustments are required.


Following up operations in the flow management process is paramount. This can be done by remote monitoring, routine on premise inspections or feedback. This stage also enables us, for our ISO 9001 procedure, to fine-tune our design tools and take into consideration fieldwork feedback and feedback from our customers.

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