Urban rainwater treatment systems

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Our definition of Urban Rainwater Treatment refers to the treatment of rainwater runoff in urban environments, at the heart au cities and urban areas, whether directly at the source or downstream of large catchment areas.


The skills acquired in this area, based on our experience (R&D work, projects, etc.) and regular participation in task forces, seminars, etc., give us true expertise in the management and treatment of urban rainwater.

Our in-house laboratory applies the VICAS protocol, which enables it to draw the curve of suspended solid settling velocities, a pivotal criterion for the design of treatment units.


For urban rainwater treatment systems, we consider all the parameters of the catchment area to design the global solution:

  • Analysis of possible technical solutions (alternative procedures, treatment downstream of the catchment area)
  • Outfall quality and quantity requirements
  • Layout of the definitive solution
  • Operation in conjunction with the project stakeholders


The above parameters are implemented by one or more treatment facilities. The selected materials meet the following constraints:

  • presence of groundwater,
  • earth pressure,
  • environment aggressiveness…


We follow up our projects so as to permanently populate our databases and to guarantee the most accurate appraisal upstream.

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