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Semi-communal wastewater management is our company’s initial business area, which encompasses a series of treatment stages (screening, settling, aeration, etc.) and hydraulic features (raw water flushing system, floating bucket flushing system, etc.). This category also covers effluents generated by industrial processes, car washing, etc.


The routine development of new wastewater treatment processes, such as phytopurification, filtration processes, etc., have led us to continuously consider the adaptation of these processes and their implementation. In this area, our R&D department develops innovative and relevant solutions.


The implementation of these solutions calls for the analysis of their operation, effectiveness and their operating procedure. This is why we implement pilot sites for the industrial facilities, to approve the design before the equipment is standardised.


Wastewater treatment systems require the use of robust, corrosion-resistant, rot-proof materials against the action of effluents. This is why we give priority to composite materials, stainless steel, throughout the manufacturing process.


Wastewater effluent treatment facilities are commissioned by our teams, who make the necessary adjustments on the equipment, such as timers, reagent dosage, pump outputs, etc. This way, we ensure that the facilities are perfectly operational and that their throughput is satisfactory.

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